Welcome to Bonny Auld Scotland!

Hello! I’m Morven Archibald. I’m originally from Edinburgh in Scotland so I am indeed a Scot and proud of it. Only 4th generation Scottish though, my great, great grandparents emigrated from Ireland in 1879 so there is a lot of interesting family history. That’s me in the picture above, it’s always nice to put a face to a description.

I lived in Spain for 11 months as an Au Pair in Granada and Toledo last year which was the longest time that I had been away from my mum in my entire life. I am so glad that I took that trip because I became so much more independent and have great memories and stories to tell. I visited many different cities during my time there like Seville and Malaga which you can find more information about in my blog. If you want to know more about being an Au Pair, click on the link.

Now I’m back at home, studying; waiting for my next adventure. I study languages and primary education at The Open University, so I have my hands full with that at the moment. It isn’t a conventional way to study but it works for me. Find out more about the way I study at The OU.

I have a lot planned for later this year so I am going to write everything down cause I don’t want to forget a single thing (I have a really bad memory so that is easier said than done). This website is going to be filled with some gluten free recipes, photos and “diary” entries of everything that’s happening in my life as a Scot.

It is really nice to meet you. Hope you enjoy!

Ps. Please excuse the amount of purple you will find on this website. What can I do – it is my favourite colour. 😛

Love always,


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